Top Ten International Women's Day SMS

I have listed some of good SMS to send my friends on this International Women's Day. If you have anything to say about woman, please share here.

Happy Women's Day ,
By Sajitha

Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.

“No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves.”

Women are always beautiful

“He who tries to forget a woman, never loved her”

A man chases a woman until she catches him. ~American Proverb

“To a woman in love, loving too much is not loving enough”

Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a mans last romance.”

“God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her; and foolish, that she might love him”

“He who tries to forget a woman, never loved her”

Life on the planet is born of woman.

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