Making of the Vodafone Zoozoo ads

I think you are already a fan of the comic characters which appear on TV screen during IPL matches. Many of you believe that they are animated cartoon characters but human beings.

More About Zoozoo

1.Zoozoo videos are among the most-watched on YouTube.
2.Facebook has over 5,000 Zoozoo fans.
3.The ads are shot in South Africa.
4. It is a completely Indian concept, designed by Rajiv Rao and Prakash Varma of Ogilvy.
5.The cast is mostly women, who are wearing the alien-body suits.
6.ZooZoo merchandise, bags, keychains, T-shirts will be available soon.
7. There is no meaning here for the Zoozoo but only for funny.

Making of Phone Backup Ad- YouTube Video

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