How to use Facebook in India?

This post is my answer for my friends who asked me about Facebook when I invite them to my facebook profile. They are familiar with Orkut but newbies to Facebook.

About Facebook
Facebook is a social networking website like Orkut. You can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect with your best friends, family, coworkers, or acquaintance. Facebook created a few ways for you to easily find your friends by email address,search either by high school, or by college and (company) name. You can also add friends and send them messages, and update your personal profiles to notify friends about yourselves. The following YouTube video show simply what is Facebook.

Facebook in India
Orkut is the most popular social networking site in India. but Facebook,dominates US And Worldwide, has been growing rapidly in India for the past 3 months. Now you may remember the Aircel Ad which showcasing Facebook mobile application to promote Aircel Pocket Internet presented by the Indian Cricket team captain Dhoni.

Why Facebook
# Facebook allows you to find people in your long lost friends or coworkers.
# Participating games and quizzes you keep in touch with your friends.
# Photo albums are easy to share with people on and off Facebook.
# Facebook is free and has very simple interface to use.

Facebook on Mobile
You can access Facebook on your mobile by visiting this web address You can also install Facebook mobile application on your handset. Visit for Facebook Mobile Application. If it is not working on your mobile, try Facebook mobile application from

Use Facebook now in your own Language
“Do you speak Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam? Now you can use Facebook in any of these languages to connect with your Indian friends all over the world,”
( Facebook )

Facebook via SMS!

Now you can connect with your friends anywhere by signing up to use Facebook via SMS. "Log-in to register your mobile phone number, and text "92FACEBOOK" to update your status, message your friends, or send a poke on the go," says Facebook.

Ok, now let me go to Facebook to join with my friends. Follow me if you want to be my friend on Facebook. .

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