Change Your Handset and Get Free Talk Time

Tata Indicom has launched Handset Upgrade program for individual post paid customers. Tata Indicom customer will get FREE Local Minutes when he/she upgrade to a brand new handset. These minutes will be credited to the account in next 5 working days from the purchase date of handset. The upgrade scheme is available till September 2009. To avail the scheme, just buy a new handset from your nearest Tata Indicom outlet.
The Handset Upgrade Scheme:
SNHandset Price Range (MOP)Free MinutesValidityRedemption Rule
1Rs 799/- to Rs 2500/-300650 min x 6 months
2Rs 2539/- to Rs 4000/-6006100 min x 6 months
3Rs 4001/- to Rs 5500/-9006150 min x 6 months
4Rs 5501/- to Rs 10000/-180012150 min x 12 months