Get invitation for New Orkut Version

"hurrah." Orkut is redesigned with lot of fun and new cool features. Now orkut is more faster ,clean, more personalized,  lot of fun and excitements. But you have to wait for an invitation to see the new Orkut now.

How to Get New Orkut Invitation

  1.  Find a friend who has an invitation and ask him. If you see this icon Invitations icon on your friend's profile next to his name, they probably have an invitation he can share with others - so be bold, and ask him for one.
  2. Join Poppy and Shashi on the official community for cool insights into the new orkut and to participate in one of the many activities that will be taking place there.
New Features

  • Simpler and faster
  • Easy navigation to other Google properties
  • One-stop notifications
  • Fast photo uploads and photo sharing
  • more customization on  profile and homepage with your choice of 5 colors
  • The IM list is now on the right, and is the only pop-up
  • Square photos for all profile photos
  • Limiting private messages to all community members
  • IE6 browser not supported for the new orkut
  •  Friends' updates on  homepage and now  a default feature
  • Video chat

Now we want a  new user friendly Orkut mobile application and  more SMS features on our mobile handsets.
Via: Orkut Blog