Upgrade your Mobile Web browser: Opera Mini 5.1 Beta

Opera has released the beta version of Opera Mini 5.1 optimized for Symbian Series 60 phones. Nokia smartphones based on Symbian are very popular among Opera Mini users, and this release translates into a better browsing experience, while saving on data traffic charges and fees.

What's New
  • Support for more devices
  • Significantly faster start-up time
  • Improved page-load and scrolling performance, especially on older devices
  • Full support for device text input methods
  • Improved fonts
  • Device integration for copy & paste, email client and more
  • Option to choose default access point — no more annoying dialogs
  • Huge start up time improvements.
  • Lightning fast page load times.
  • Integration with device's native input.


From Mobile : visit http://m.opera.com/
On your PC : http://www.opera.com/mobile/download/pc/

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