Firefox 4 Beta for Mobile - the 2 beta released

The second beta of Firefox 4 for mobile is now available for download in 10 languages on Android or Maemo device. Now it is more faster and sleeker.

What's New
  • Reduced install size by 60% on Android
  • JavaScript performance is improved. Now 25% faster than stock browser on SunSpider.
  • Page loads are now around 40% faster than in beta 1
  • Battery usage has been reduced
  • Fixed problems that would cause you to get a black screen when launching the app
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Improved text spacing
  • Now localized in 10 languages
  • New theme
  • You can now undo closing a tab
  • The native Android sharing system is now used when you share a link
  • Desktop notifications are now supported
  • Finger friendly video controls
  • Content crashes will no longer take down the whole browser
  • Users will now be prompted to submit crash reports when the browser crashes
  • Beta tester tools for Android
  • Faster and more accurate multitouch zoom
  • Geolocation now works on Android

Supported Devices
  1. Maemo
  • Nokia N900
    2. Android
  • Firefox is compatible with Android 2.0 and above devices.
  • Installation requires approximately 32MB internal storage, plus 12MB SD storage.

Visit on your Android phone, or Nokia N900.

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