Free Scientific Calculator For Mobile Phones

Turn your mobile phone as an advanced scientific calculator.

GraphViewer is a scientific calculator that enables you to plot any mathematical function along with its derivate and integer, calculate its critical points (null points, intersection points, minima, maxima and inflection points), and many more features. You can download and install this free app on your mobile phone.

  • The solutions (null points) of an equation will be shown
  • The first and second derivate can be shown
  • Show the integral of a function
  • You can calculate the local minima and maxima of the function
  • You can calculate the function inflection points
  • The intersection points of the different equations are calculated and can be shown
  • You can interactively evaluate the functions at their critical points
  • You can show a function table with the function coordinates at its critical points (So the null points, minima, maxima, inflection points... are automatically calculated)
  • Build-in samples show the possibilities of all functions
  • Calculate any function point up to 12 decimals.
  • Multiple functions can be plotted in different colors at once
  • In the settings you can set the internal precision, so you can choose between low precision (fast) or high precision (slow), depending on the speed of your mobile.
  • You can save your equations and add them to the samples library of the Graph Viewer.
GraphViewer in Action

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