Mobile Number Portability :Bsnl Special Tariff Offers

Bsnl announced special tariff offers for Port-in GSM Customers under Mobile Number Portability (MNP). There is no port charges (Rs 19) and you will get SIM card free of cost, along with talk time of Rs 100 for prepaid customers. Get excited! Check the details.

Bsnl Special Tariff Offers 

i) Port-in charges will be waived off.
ii) 32K SIM will be given free of cost. In case of specific demand for other SIMs, actual SIM price will be charged.

iii) Prepaid Connection:-

a) At the time of activation of all port-in customers, additional talk value of Rs.100 will be offered in addition to the normal free talk value available with FRC.
b) All port-in customers will be offered 5 GB GPRS for one month free of charge.

iv) Postpaid Connection:-

a) 50% rebate in the FMC of first month after port in.
b) 5GB GPRS will be free of charge for one month. Free GPRS/DATA usage associated with FMC shall not available for one month.
c) Freebies attached with the plan will remain same.
d) Where ever, the data usage offered with existing plans is more than the data usage offered, the higher data usages already offered will prevail.