Nokia Point & Find: Image Recognition App For Nokia

Nokia Point & Find (Beta) is the first interactive augmented reality browser for Nokia devices.

The service lets you discover useful and contextually relevant information and services by simply pointing your camera phone at objects. For instance, point your camera phone at a movie poster on the street to read reviews, glance at ratings, lookup show times, and even find the closest theatre and purchase tickets in the UK if your phone has a built-in GPS.

How does it work?

Simply point at a building, enter a memory or comment in the text box and click “tag” to save your entry into our augmented reality world. Use your camera’s viewfinder to see tags left by other users and share your tags with friends. You can also use Point & Find to scan barcodes and save money when shopping, read 2D barcodes, and interact with your favorite brands like Oasis, Expotel, and Joule (content availability differs by region).

Key Features

  • Real-time image recognition of places and barcodes.
  • Tag real-life objects to make them interactive.
  • Results can be customized based on individual user and location.

[Download Link]

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