Learn English on the Go

British Council has developed a mobile application to learn English on the go. Learn English Elementary app is a series of English learning podcasts for you to directly download and enjoy on your mobile phone to practice your English.

Each show, with the dynamic duo of Tess and Ravi, is 20 minutes long and comes with questions aimed at Elementary learners of English, which you can try and answer while listening to the podcast. The tape script also moves in time with the audio to aid listening. You can also access Tess and Ravi's Twitter and Facebook pages directly from the application enabling you to directly ask them questions about the show or anything to do with studying English.

Features of LearnEnglish Elementary App
  • Series 1 and 2 now available
  • Practice activities
  • Download or stream the audio
  • Tapescripts for supported learning that move in time with the listening (not available via streaming)
  • Connect with Tess and Ravi via Facebook or Twitter
  • Available for Apple (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), Android and selected Nokia phones
Download Links
App Store
Android Market
Ovi Store