Your Job is Just an SMS Away [ An Indian Digital Revolution ]

Why are so many people unemployed at the same time that there are a large number of job openings? [The Prize in Economic Science in 2010].

In India, for rural/Urban working population, Internet based job portal is not an option. Adoption of mobile technology for rural/urban India is a logical choice to bridge the digital divide, while provisioning of services. Here comes 'PaniSMS', a social organization that transforms lives of rural/urban under-privileged, by information empowerment in partnership with Government, public sector organizations, private sector organizations, voluntary and community sector organizations.

PaniSMS is chartered with a social mission to change lives of rural/urban under-privileged, by information empowerment through digital revolution. For instance, PaniSMS currently works in partnership with over 3600 organizations to offer Mobile Job Newspaper services to urban slum/rural community. PaniSMS works with large multinationals to small neighborhood organization. PaniSMS sends regular job alerts to registered Job-seekers providing them relevant job information.

How does it work

Both the Employed and Unemployed who has access to mobile phone can be benefited from PaniSMS. The first step is to register with the PaniSMS mobile job alerts facility. The job-seeker would get voice / text SMS from PaniSMS along with the Employer's contact number and job details. The interested Job-seeker can call directly to the Employer and enquire about the job.
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