Capture Any Movie Poster and Get Info On Your Mobile

If your friend is boasting about the barcode reading technology on his phone, now it is your turn to prove that your phone is more advanced than him. Capture any movie poster on your mobile and show the Cast-crew, a synopsis of the storyline, trailers & YouTube videos, links to Twitter, Facebook fan pages and a list of theatres with show timings of that movie! Sure, your friend will be shocked!

It is possible through IntARact mobile app. IntARact is a free to download augmented reality-AR browser that recognizes images, logo, text, QR code, 2d barcode, 1d barcode along with facial and face recognition.Using the mobile camera and location of your data-enabled phone, intARact puts search and rich engagement features at your fingertips. It is the only QR code scanner that provides multiple engagement results. You can capture any Movie image on poster, newspaper, hoarding, billboard, cinema, multiplexes to get movie reviews, movie timings, movie ratings, movie trailers, songs, theater locations, schedules and book movie tickets. All Hollywood / English, Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam movies are covered.You can also scan logos, images, print ads, products and QR codes using intARact to receive a host of instant info on applications, 3D product experiences, deals, offers and more! You can capture the entire AR enabled image or advertisement, newspaper editorials, brand logo, QR code in a newspaper (Times of India, Economic Times), magazines, web, TV, or outdoor source to get 3D (three dimensional) model, mobile brochures (mbrochures), wallpapers, ringtones, Youtube videos related to the context captured. You can also share the results with your friends on social media, google+, Twitter, facebook, and email.

 This great app is developed by Telibrahma Convergent Communications.Jai Ho !

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