How To Start An Online Business Without Any Investment

There are many ways to start an online business without any investment. But here I am talking about my experiment as a Blogger. This is a proud moment for me to say I have achieved a lot on my online business from scratch . Before reading further please read this page to know more about me.

Business Time

 As you know, I am a typical Indian housewife living with my husband and a very cute little baby. Here is my daily life routine. I usually wake up at six o clock and write a blogger post. After Making tea at 8 am, I publish and share my new post on social media. I will check emails and tweets at lunch time and before sleeping at night. You can see my actual productivity time limited two hours. The rest of the time,I do my daily chores and now spending more time with my new-born baby.

Business Tools

I have a seven year old desktop computer and  an Anroid phone. ( Before six months, it was Nokia). These  are my business tools. If you ask about my  staff strength, I would say that's me only.  Do you want to know about my Educational Qualification and Technical skills?   I had done my college degree in Commerce. I have never been trained any technical course from an institution. My English is not good at all. So I always write in simple English. My online business tool is Blogger. (It is free). I have an  investment of  Rs.0 (zero) in this project.


There is no fixed salary like other jobs. It varies from month to month. At present, I am earning from three sources.

  • Adsense:  The most popular advertising network on the Internet. It is owned by Google, and it allows website owners to monetize their website by displaying text, image, and video advertisements. Every time someone clicks on one of the ad links, the publisher will earn some money (ranging from $0.01 up to $50 in some rare cases). For example, after publishing an article, I would share it with my facebook friends. If hundred facebook friends visit my blog and ten of them click on the ads , I will get one dollar. It is a bare minimum.

  •  Direct ads : I am also earning from direct ad links . Now I am getting 1000 rupees per month for a sponsored link on my blog.

  •  Affilate links:  I am an affiliate to Whenever I lead a mobile phone sale from my site, I get 1% of total sales value as commission.

Future Plans

 I think, the next three years are very crucial for me. India will emerge as a nation for the most internet users in the world. The mobile phone revolution in India will get its peak. I am witnessing more and more online shopping portals booming everyday. Within few months, you may shop vegetables using your mobile phone while sitting at your room.  You know, my readers and fans are following me for getting latest mobile apps and tips. Can you guess what I could do for them?

What You Can Do

 You can also benefit from this situation . You can start a website for your local market. You know your place well   more than any outsider. Research what your local market needs and make a website using blogger. Yes, you can make a commercial website by modifying Blogger template and adding static pages. If you will succeed, go professionally. The same is applicable for professionals and consultancy service persons. Students can also make money by designing cheap websites for local clients with their Photoshop skills and coding.

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” ― Bill Gates.

 I have set this inspirational  quote as my desktop wallpaper to motivate me every time I go productive. You can contact me here. You are always welcome !

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