A Mobile App to Remember Everyone You Meet

If you have seen the Ghajini  movie, you may remember Sanjay, the character played by Aamir Khan. Sanjay has anterograde amnesia where he loses his memory every 15 minutes. Sanjay uses a system of photographs, notes, and tattoos on his body to recover his memory after each cycle. Sometimes, you may face this kind of situation when you meet some people  incidentally. You can overcome these kind of situations by using Evernote Hello app.

Evernote Hello is designed to mimic the way the human brain works. When we meet someone, our brains start building connections. They tie names and faces to time, location and context. Unfortunately, for the longest time, we were forced to remember people alphabetically in address books. This is where Evernote Hello comes in.

Whenever you meet someone, Evernote Hello gets the usual stuff, but adds a face, chronology, location, notes, and more. Now, you have all the elements to actually remember, and later recall, the people you meet. Now you never forget anyone you meet If you use EVernote Hello mobile app on your Android phone.

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