A Mobile Application to Explore Delhi Metro City

New to Delhi and to explore the city ? Here is an application for that. Stay on track with Delhi Metro on iPad/iPhone .

Delhi Metro app gives you the metro support you need to get from A to B in the city. Whether you plan to visit some of the city’s dazzling gems, captivating ancient monuments or fascinating museums and art galleries this free app will help you make the most of your time in the city. 

Key Features

*Worlds fastest route planner functionality. Getting results to you quickly when you need them the most. 

*Easy to search for a station or find the one nearest to where you are now. 

*Get the most out of your time in Delhi. Select a route type, which is right for you, either the fastest or which has the fewest changes. 

*Calculate your route so that you know how long your journey will take and how many stations you will pass through. 

*Track your journey on the metro map feature. 

*Save a journey as a favourite so you can access again and again.

*Map features enable you to view the local area around each metro station so you’ll never have the need for a paper map again. 

*A clear map enables you to view easily while on the move. 

Download link

App Store - Delhi Metro by mxData