How to send a decorated SMS to your lover ?

Sometimes you may feel  the normal text messages are not enough convey your emotions to your dear ones.  Don't worry! Here is an application for that :-) 

MyTextTwister is a funny app for Windows  phones. You can add a lot of fun to SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter.

You can send holiday greetings, play a prank on friend, propose your soul-mate, send cute, funny or crazy messages to your loved ones. You can also create amazing text effects and decorate it with cool ASCII arts. Top it up with built-in 1200+ emoticons.

Key Features

♥ Type in inverted, rounded, leet speak and many more..

♥ Use 1200+ emoticons (emojis)

♥ Add ASCII art decorations

♥ SMS or email your created text directly from the app.

♥ Post to social networking sites (configured on phone) directly from the app

Watch "MyTextTwister (v1.3) in action!" on YouTube