How to set up a free Wi-Fi zone at your home

I would like to share a tip to set up an easy Wi-Fi zone at your home .Here is how I made a WIFi hotspot  for my new WiFi devices using my Android phone . If you enable this function, you can share android phone's Internet connection to other mobile devices support the wifi function. Such as the notebook, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, XBOX, PSP, and so on.

How to setup?

step1: Select "Portable Wi-Fi hotsport settings".
step2: Select "Configure Wi-Fi hotspot".
step3: Give a name of "Network SSID", and it is strongly recommended to select "WPA2 PSK" of the security item.
step4: Setup a good password with more than 8 characters, and click "Save" button.
step5: Check "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" item, then it works now.

Download link

WiFi hotspot app on Google Play

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