How to Earn Your Part-Time Income Online? ( October 2012)

If you have seen my profile , you can understand how I am earning money online. I am always getting emails from the people who read my profile on Google plus. It is my pleasure that they are getting inspired and launching their own blogs. I am also witnessed many of them leaving their blogging venture after posting some posts. Here are some of the reasons behind their failure.

 Myth: I can make quick money.
Truth: You have to wait for six months in your initial stage.

 Myth: We can make money only from WordPress blogs.
Truth: Blogger is awesome! If you know the tips and tricks , you can achieve a lot!!

 Myth: We can make money online but we have to spend some money.
Truth: It is truth if your are blogging on WordPress. But Blogger is free.

 Myth: Only English language teachers can blogging :D
Truth: You can. Otherwise readers always carry a Oxford dictionary for further reading :P

 Myth: I don't have time!
Truth: You have time to watch TV :P

 Myth: Blogging need lot of research.
Truth: There are lot tips and tricks to get rid of wide researching.

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