How to Spot a Running-Train Location on Mobile ?

This is one of the most useful web app for office goers and students. From today, you can spot the location of your running-train live and arrange things according to time.

 How Does it work

  •  Go to from your mobile browser. 
  •  Enter the train number and search 
  •  Click on Train name and find the current position on map 
  •  Click on the Train icon and find details 
 RailRadar is a web application that provides the location of a train on a map (Google Maps) and visualizes the running-train network. The location and status of the trains displayed on RailRadar will always be 5 or more minutes delayed, for security and regulatory reasons. According to RailRadar, Indian Railways has train passing monitoring points around the country at more than 6,000 locations, which communicate updates on train arrival, departure, or passing to a central headquarter server in real time. Although, in most cases these updates are automated, there are places/situations where this reporting is also done manually. (via

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