Get Summly for Android [ Beta]

Summly and its 17-year-old founder Nick D'Aloisio are already in News by achieving  top-selling news app for iPhone. The News gathering app Summly is now making News itself all around the world. Even the media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeted last day,Summly  is the Beautiful new news app! 

Summly is a pocket sized News app for iPhone. Summly allows you to browse news fast, easily and beautifully, by viewing concise summaries of online content. Summly uses an algorithm built with NLP and Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze text and automatically summarize the most relevant pieces of news, based on the topics, keywords and new sources you prefer by dynamically optimised for the mobile size screen.Summly  generate summaries from sources that vary from the Wall Street Journal to ESPN Sports. Summly's user interface is state-of-the-art with no buttons and a minimalist approach.. If you press anywhere on a summary to reveal its 'Summflower' which allows for sharing of summaries as links and saving of favourite summaries for offline viewing. 


  •  400 character summaries which are automatically generated for quick browsing.
  •  Customize your news to the topics, keywords, and news sources that interest you most e.g add a keyword on anything that interests you!
  •  Summarization of hundreds of news sources from different regions of the world and localised in US, Europe and beyond.
  •  Share summaries as links with friends through social channels and email which are viewable online
  •  Innovative design and gestures make it easy to navigate
  •  Browse through headlines of summaries in a topic or simply swipe left-to-right to view summaries in a category
  •  Define your own social personality which corresponds to Summly's sharing features.

Summly is now available only on itunes . Summly will soon available on Android.  If you want to try beta  Android version, sign up on to get an early access.

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