Happy Diwali : Here is my Gift!

This Diwali is very special to me. This is the first Diwali celebrating with my cute little boy! In addition, my blog sajitha.in gets a makeover. It is for my great loyal 'little readers'! 

I had started this blog to make money online without any knowledge about it. It was a big failure and lost hope to make money online. But I never left blogging, wrote blog posts for my 5-8 readers. Then I got a Nokia phone as a present from my husband. I was curious about its functioning! I shared mobile phones tips to my readers. Most of them were students - they had the same curiosity and urge to learn more like me. The result: my make-money-online-blog transformed into a mobile phone blog. I wrote articles about mobile apps and mobile phones. I got more readers and AdSense checks. It was one of the happiest moment in my life when I got my first pay check! I was thrilled as it was from 'Google'. I monetized my blog in ways, including my blogging coaching program, and earned some money. Then I faced the biggest dilemma in my life!

My most loyal 'little readers want to earn money. Many of them were hailing from poor families. I reduced blogging coaching fee for them . But still so many email messages popping up from my Email inbox requesting free coaching. It is truth that many of my  readers ( Mostly engineering students )struggling to pursue their  education. My Happy Diwali gift is for them!

This is what I want to say . I can help you make money online without any investment with the help two amazing free Google tools - Blogger and AdSense. If you are ready hard work, I have some ideas for you .

Moreover, sajitha.in will not be a mobile app blog from today. I will launch new mobile app blog soon. I have some more projects too. All will come soon. Convey my Happy Diwali wishes to your family.



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