Samurai Empire - Sensational Mobile Game Now on Google Play

Samurai Empire is a  sensational card battle game and a unique blend of city building  RPG card battle. Samurai Empire is now available on Android devices.


You are to build sengoku empire and manage resources to fund your growing army.Once you have enough resources, arm your generals with thousands of soldiers, and head off to battle. Vanquish your foes and claim the fiery fields as the victor! Resources and gold can also be won from battle victories and quests. But choose your opponents wisely, or your entire army will be decimated. 

Three battle modes

You can engage in three battle modes. The first is “Battle” mode, a progressive RPG battle with NPCs where you must defeat several generals and conquer cities. There is also a “Duel” (PVP) mode where you can go to war with other players and gain victory spoils, and a “Raid Rival” mode where you fight epic bosses together with your friends. All modes grant players different rewards and rare cards.

The game experience is heightened with the beautiful and picturesque city artwork and incredibly stunning visual effects during battle..Samurai Empire is now available for free in Google Play Store.

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