Sports Tracker App for iPhone Updated [ Version 1.8.5 ]

Sports Tracker for iPhone has updated to new in Version 1.8.5. Sports Tracker is now with Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor support for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

NEW FEATURES - Sports Tracker 1.8.5

* Pair with Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2 and SMART 
* See current, average and maximum heart rates during tracking
* Learn Heart Rate Zone training with three new specialized views: Time Chart, Time on Zones and 

Distribution Details

* Set up your HR Zones using your personal Maximum Heart Rate value (HRmax)
* Switch heart rate display units any time: BPM or percentages of your HRmax 
* Use pre-set or custom alarms to stay in the right Heart Rate Zone during training
* Change Heart Rate alarms also during workout


* Performance improvement for all charts during workout
* Fix for crash preventing app working on some iPhone5/iPad devices
* Fix for crash when opening a workout in Explore and User Profile views
* Fix for crash while editing/adding workout manually

About Sports Tracker

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