Download SoundTracking 2.0 for Android

soundtracker Music search and sharing app SoundTracking  for Android 2.0 is now available on Google play.  Redesigned SoundTracking now includes a lock-screen & home-screen widget, as well as YouTube clip playback support, and more improvements.

SoundTracking 2.0 for Android - New Features:

  • Available now for 7” Android tablets
  • Discover and play music videos with friends - When listening to someone’s shared music moment, you can now view the song’s Youtube music video inside the SoundTracking app (not sending the user outside to the Youtube app)
  • Widget for your phone’s home screen - Quickly identify and share what song you’re listening to, right from your locked homescreen. 
  • Song dedications and tagging -  Whether you’re dedicating a song to a friend or you’re listening to a song with them, you can tag your friends and they’ll receive an automatic notification about it.  (Hint: Birthdays!)
  • Trending Nearby - Discover new music and soundtrackers right in your own city and neighborhood using the Nearby view in the Trending section.
  • Faster music identification with improved album cover images.
  • Powerful new music search engine - Search over 26 million tracks by song title or artist name and get instant results as you type.
  • Social Networks integrated with new Android app: Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Music services now integrated with  Android app: Youtube, Spotify and RDIO

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