Monstar Fishing - A new game for Android and iOS

It is time to play another mobile game. Monstar Fishing - a new game is now available for download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.


Strange, monstrous fishes have been lurking in the lakes and terrorising a small fishing village. Players must catch all the monster fishes and protect everyone. Monstar Fishing features over 200 unique monsters to catch and collect. Attack and defend against Monster Fishes in a special map where tapping in the wrong region or timing will cause you your life. Players must defeat and collect monster fishes using special Elemental Rods that you can use to evolve into even more amazing rods. Watch out for the terrible King Monster, the harbinger of havoc and destruction. Gather your friends to help and race against time to take it down before it destroys everything. Players can also compete with other teams in weekly tournaments! Those victorious will win special rewards.

Download Monstar Fishing now for free in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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