Top 10 Apps of 2012 [ TIME Survey ]

olivedwaktop According to TIME survey, ‘OnLive Desktop’ is the best app of the year 2012 . There are six free apps and four paid apps in the top ten app list . In which, productivity apps are dominating  in categories and there is only one social app in the list. There is no room for  Blackberry  and Widows apps.  It is also interesting that people are not much  interested in entertainment apps except the only one Music app in the list.

Top Ten Apps of 2012

1. OnLive Desktop (iPad/Android Tablets) Free Productivity App

2. SwiftKey 3 (Android) Paid Productivity App

3. Flipboard (Android) Free News & Magazines App

4. iTranslate Voice (iPhone, iPad) Paid Productivity  App

5. Chrome (iOS, Android) Free Utility App

6. Paper (iPad) Free Productivity  App

7. Instagram (Android) Free Social App

8. Burner (iPhone) Paid Utility app

9. Current Caller ID (Android) Free Communication App

10. Figure (iPhone): Paid Music app

Source: TIME survey [ In 55 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad of the past 12 months
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