UC Browser for Android : New Update Brings Network Connection Speed

UCBROWSER UC Browser wins the title as ‘top downloaded Android browser’ on Google Play in India. Many Android users like the smooth interface and browsing speed of this free browser . Its latest update for Android brings more cost and time saving features for its users.


Recently, UC Browser has adopted a new logo which indicates new changes. Then they upgraded their Android browser with the following changes.

1. More Powerful Download Function: Downloads will not stop even though you run the browser in background. You can share download links and downloaded files.
2. QR code scanning makes it easier to get information
3. Pin web pages to home screen.
4. URL input optimization.
5. Homepage GUI optimization.
6. DNS optimization improves the network connection speed.
7. Bugs about text box of Gmail and Facebook are fixed.
8. Bugs about page display of mobile Wikipedia and CNN are fixed.

You can download/update UC Browser for on Google play and feel the difference. Happy browsing!