Anti Theft Alarm : No One Dare To Touch Your Phone Again

RaLok Technologies 'Anti theft alarm' is a good Android app to protect your mobile phone  from unwanted misuse of your office colleagues or  collage mates. They will never dare to touch your mobile phone again , if once they have  met the aftermath of touching! You can use this app as an anti theft device against any thief or burglar to save your valuable assets while travelling alone. Just activate the anti theft alarm app and keep it in your bag. You will be get alarmed when someone try to move your bag away( You should be around the phone alarms audible range).
Anti theft app can also be used to prevent your kids from accessing your phone without your consent. Another important use of this app is charger unplugging alert. You can prevent your phone from being stolen at public charging hubs, like in an an airport ,hotel, office etc.  If someone unplugs the cable from the phone, a loud alarm will be triggered.
Anti theft alarm - Key Features:
1) A notification is displayed to the user when charger is connected and by just one touch you can access the app.
2) Phone movement detection
3) Charger unplugged detection
4) Password Protection(Pattern/PIN)
5) Loud alarm even if the phone is in silent mode
6) Select alarm sound of your choice
7) Phone vibrates and screen flashes similar to police lights when the alarm is triggered
In settings, select a grace time duration to deactivate app without sounding the alarm when you pick up the phone. App plays alarm even on sleeping/silent/standby mode. It is the owner's responsibility to be careful and keep vigilance to keep the valuable assents in strange situations.  Be alert always and don't rely only on apps.
Download link on Google Play [ Free version ]
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