Connect Your Devices and Cloud Services With a Single Login


‘Glide’ has just arrived on Google Play. Android users can now connect and manage all of their devices and cloud services with a single login. Glide app connects a user’s PC, tablet, smartphone and disconnected cloud services to create a synced global file directory accessible from all of your devices.

Glide unlocks the full potential of your digital life by connecting your incompatible devices and disconnected cloud services providing access to all of your files no matter where they are stored and the tools to edit, share and publish. Glide displays the location of your files with transparent device and cloud service logos. Glide makes it possible to search for and select files across various devices and cloud services and simultaneously publish to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Glide automatically converts file formats when needed for easy sharing with friends and family.

Glide Features

Connect and Manage All of Your Devices and Cloud Services

Login to All of Your Devices and Cloud Services

Search Across All of Your Devices and Cloud Services

Access, Edit and Share Your Files

Publish Files Simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn   

Glide supports Google Android Phones and Tablets, Windows 8 PCs and Tablets, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Coming soon, Apple iOS, OS X Apps and additional cloud services.

Glide is free and helps you save your time. Earlier, I have shared a wonderful similar Android app ‘AirDroid’ with readers.

Download Link [ Google Play ]