Download Fightback – India's First Mobile Application for Women Safety

Calling all women. Are you afraid of going  out alone after the heart-breaking incidents? Do you think sitting at home is safe for you? How Long? It is time to fight back.  As an app blogger, I could say here is an app for that! I am sharing here on way which helps you to jump out from your home and walk on the road with self-confidence.


You can download India's first Mobile application for women safety for free. FightBack, the women's safety application, sends SOS alerts from your phone. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. The app is developed by mobile value added services provider CanvasM.

User Guide

1. Press panic button, the center ([fB]) to send SOS.
2. Stop/Start button works as a toggle button to control GPS and sending your locations to
server at a particular interval.
3. By clicking on map button, you can see your current location on Google map.
4. By clicking on exit button or back key, you can exit from application.
5. By clicking on Home key, application can be sent in background.
6. An exclamation mark (!) will appear on the mobile application screen if SOS alert is raised
successfully. Click “!” (exclamation mark) to cancel the alert if it has been sent by mistake.

Download Links

Nokia : Ovi store

Visit for Blackberry and Android apps.

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