Download PumpUp – A Simple Personalized Workout App


Happy New Year! I hope you are fine and showing great enthusiasm.  What are your New Year's resolutions? Okay. I know what is your hardest New Years' resolution – being fit throughout the year. Am I right? Don’t worry, here is an app for that!Download ‘pumpup’ in app store which is a best solution for your hardest new year resolution. Pumpup is free for 30 days trail in iTunes. Android version is coming soon.

How does it work ?

BUILD PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS : Easily build a workout designed just for you! Choose your fitness goal, favorite equipment (or none if you're at home), and much more.

FOLLOW YOUR PLAN : See exactly what to do and how to do it! Follow the animated exercises, perform the assigned reps, and time your breaks.

IMPROVE EVERY TIME : Your workout adapts to you with every session! Achieve your fitness goals one step at a time without any prior training.

MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL : Reach the next level with personalized feedback! PumpUp keeps you motivated and gives you the extra push you need when life gets busy.

Try your best!  Best of luck :-) Download link is here.