Skitch for Android Update : Smarter Tools


Skitch is a free app that helps you to annotate images with arrows, shapes, text, and more. The new version (2.0.5) of Skitch for Android is released and now available on Google play.

New Features in Update

           Pen Tool

In this update, the Pen tool is faster, smoother, and more responsive. If you’ve been using the Wet Ink setting, which groups pen strokes together so that you can easily move complex shapes, you’ll notice that the pen strokes are now grouped much more quickly.

Move/Pan Tool

The Move/Pan tool also got a clever new behavior to enhance your Skitch experience. It becomes active when you select an object, but then immediately reverts back to the previous tool when you delete, deselect, or swipe your finger elsewhere on the canvas.

Hold and Lock Feature

The Hold and Lock feature is a handy new setting that you can enable to prevent the app from auto-switching tools. This can be really helpful if you use one tool for a number of annotations in a row—for instance, when drawing characters with the Pen tool or when placing arrows or shapes that overlap with one another. To enable it, just tap and hold the tool you would like to lock. When the tool is locked, you’ll see a small padlock appear next to it. Tap on any other tool to unlock it again.

Changelog : New in Skitch 2.0.5

-The Pen tool is smoother, faster, and more responsive
-Updates to content scaling make annotations fit more closely with your images
-Hold & Lock feature allows you to lock the current tool
-Easier access to settings with a new icon on the home view
-Intelligent tool tips
-Improved Move tool usability
-Numerous other improvements make the app smoother to use and more stable
-If you are an existing user, you can adjust the behavior of your tools in the app Settings

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