Uchek Urinalysis App : Urine Testing Goes Mobile

uchek Biosense Technologies, an India based company specializing in medical devices, has developed a smartphone app to interpret and process urine diagnostics. uChek  app is intended for the home user to keep track of his/her own health and people suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes and kidney diseases. It is currently available for iPhones and soon launch it on Android and other platforms.
How does it work
There do exist methods to analyze urine, which involve using a strip to analyze it. However, due to substantial human intervention required in terms of noting observations at different time intervals with naked eye, their accuracy is always a suspect. uChek reduces this human intervention and is hence, much easier to use. In addition, it can interpret results and identify the existing medical conditions. It can also store previous results, thus making it easy to monitor trends.
A user must equip themselves with a urine dipstick, available at local pharmacy at Rs 3 per piece and the UChek colour mat which comes in the kit. The user must dip the dipstick in the urine sample for two seconds and place the dipstick in the colour mat. The colour mat is usually part of an entire urine testing kit that costs around Rs 1000 if purchased online. Once the colour is determined, the user opens the application on the phone, takes a picture of the colour mat and checks the results. The app provides the results of the levels of each analyte as well as advice about if one needs to visit a doctor or eat more greens.
uChek  can analyze up to 8-10 parameters (depending upon the strip used) and detect up to 25 diseases based upon these parameters. Some of the parameters that uChek can detect are levels of glucose, proteins, ketones, etc. and it can diagnose diseases like diabetes, urinary tract infection, pre-clampsia, etc.
Self-diagnosis is not always advisable. The application is meant for health and wellness informational use and should not be seen as a medical device.  It cannot replace your physician, it can reduce your number of visits only.
Download links will be added when the app is available on app stores.
Via: www.mumbaimirror.com