' Some Changes '

Dear  friends and readers,

I hope you all preparing to enjoy the beautiful weekend. I am also very happy with the latest 'makeover' in my life. If you are one of my followers since last few years, you may noticed I am monetizing my blog with Google AdSense and direct/sponsored ads.  But in the last few months, some 'miracles' happened. I am becoming a mobile phone seller. The people who reading my blog posts are now buying mobiles through
my affiliate links. The new 'phenomenon' gives me a wonderful business opportunity.  Thanks to the  new  'BOOM' in Indian eCommerce sector.

Online Shopping Trends in India, 2013 - A Google India report

(eBay Census 2012) 
E-commerce no longer a metro-phenomenon, netizens in rural India trading online: eBay
India’s top five rural hubs are Guntur (Andhra Pradesh), Choryasi (Gujarat), Karthikapally (Kerala), Villupuram (Tamil Nadu) and Dindori (Maharashtra)
Rural India has climbed on to the e-commerce bandwagon and are competing with its urban counterpart to shop or sell smart gadgets. Be it GPS holders, smart phones, laptops or tablets, netizens in smaller villagers are trading in electronics on eBay.in just like any suave urban consumer.
[ Extract : .economictimes.indiatimes.com. Read full article here.]
This new trend is also promising a wonderful opportunities for bloggers , students, housewives, retired persons  and everyone who like to work from home. As a non-tech savvy, I have been strictly observing
the latest  e-commerce trends in India and have made lot of research to find some solutions to explore more eCommerce opportunities. In a nutshell, I have discovered three working systems for   non-tech savvy  people who like to work from home. They are :

1.If you have no money to invest

Be a blogger like me. Recommend products to readers and make money through affiliate marketing.

2. If you have some money to invest

Boost your local business being online.

3. If you have business plans and like to work from home

Create an online store and do business from home.

Actually , my intention for writing this post to announce ' some changes' on my blog in coming days. As you know, [ if you don't know me, read ' about me' here] as an housewife and mother of a child who like to make some money online , I launched this blog to share my mobile phone tips and send updates to my readers.  From today, I would like also to share 'working from home tips and my 'shopping 'recommendations' to you.  I would like to share with you more personal stories rather than just news  covering.

From my recent conversations with my readers, I had to know that, I have a loyal following group who have been reading my blog for 3 or 4 years. That made my eyes wet and being proud of me and my achievements. Holding only an Arts degree in my leather folder, I could even advise engineering students across India. So I have decided to reach my helping hands to more . If you like to work from home, I  can help you to build your online business paying only  a nominal one-time consulting fee . I will share my experiences  via email and do conversions with you whenever a problem arises. You can contact me by emailing sajitha@sajitha.in or clicking here. I will be available online most of the day time.

"Our educational system teach us to win the examinations not the life". " Make right decisions at right time".

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