You Will Do Computer Programming After Reading This Article

I am giving myself a 'big pat' on my shoulder. You may think, am I mad? No, not at all. You know, how much we feel when we achieve somethings that even we never dare to imagine?  That is happening here!
In a simple sentence, I am learning code.  Don't be panic, I have already made some basic Android apps!

The Story

If you have read my ' about me ' page, you can understand , I learnt my computer basics by self-taught without having any formal computer education, except the guidelines of my husband. My only experience with computer  coding is 'Blogger' template customizing by editing its 'HTML' layout. I achieved this by copying codes from Blogger tutorial guides on internet. It was not a Himalayan task ; just copy the HTML tags and paste it in our template and preview what is happening there. We will get the result if all is fine,otherwise we have to re-edit to solve the error. But I never imagined , I would become a computer programmer in any sense. All it happened after seeing this video.

I don't know how many times I watched this video. I downloaded this video on my mobile and and still watching everyday to get inspired.

My first computer programming  experience 

'Oh', it was fun! I made funny projects using ' Scratch'. 'Scratch' is a programming language for everyone. You can create interactive stories, games, music and art  and share them online. There is no complex coding.  It is just like we build a box using its correct components. It looks like our  childhood game, here we just join the proportionate cutting blocks together. We can see what is happening while we build a object in 'Scratch'.

My first Android App

I made my first Android app through 'MIT appinventor' ( beta). App Inventor lets you develop applications for Android phones using a web browser and either a connected phone or emulator. The App Inventor servers store your work and help you keep track of your projects.All you need to get started with MIT App Inventor is a Google account to log in. As in Scrath, here also we just join some components to make an Android app . Tutorials are here.

My first Android app is dedicated to my son. It is a combined  form of basic Android apps like PaintPot and hello purr. I inserted the original voice of my boy in this app. It makes him happy. He is my first Android app user.

Being Serious in Computer programming

Now I want to be a professional app developer or computer programmer.  I need  expert advice and a certificate for my real time programming skills. So I made research for a reputed computer training institute which fulfill my online training needs. My search ends in Innobnuzz is a  privately owned Indian company based out of New Delhi,  which has been providing high technology training and knowledge based solutions. But I afraid that whether they provide complete high quality programming language training for people like me who have mere basic computer knowledge or not professorially trained anywhere. My query ends in a wonderful innovative computer educational system called ' cloud campus'.

  Innobuzz Cloud Campus
Innobuzz  ' cloud campus' is an online virtual campus and the data store in cloud technology. They offer
2 day trail program for new users to try the unique features of ' cloud campus. I have tried this opportunity and found it has a very user friendly interface . It's interactive features amazing  me and applied for a upgrade.

I am sure it will help me to complete my personal experiments successfully.   Anyone can pick up their skills .

Key Features of Innobuzz cloud campus 

  • Interactive multimedia tests
  • Online webinar (similar to seminar in college)
  • Examination center where students take exams

As of now, it has learning modules on Ethical Hacking and PHP. Innobuzz  offers various high quality IT training class room courses  too. If you want more about their course information and training centers or access to free 2 day trial program, visit Innobuzz website.

Why you learn Coding?

For students: According to, one million of America’s best jobs may go unfilled because just ten percent of US schools teach students how to code. By 2020, this unbalance of opportunity means there will be 1 million more jobs than students who can fill them.

For Employees : Need a career change? Learn coding in your free time.

If you want to talk to me about this, email me at I request you to share this article maximum. There is a chance that someone may get inspired like me :-). Happy coding!