Blogger Comments Got A Plus

Google released many major updates for 'Blogger' in last two years. But the new  Google+ comments system is revolutionary. Look like Google opened all the entrances to the Blogger. 

What is in Google+ Comments System
  • Google+ Comments replaces  the default commenting system on Blogger [ Optional] . You can see comments made on your Blogger blog post and comments on Google+ that links to your blog post in one place.
Things to remember before enabling Google+ Comments
  • Google+ Comments is available for Blogger users who have created a Google+ profile and connected it with their blog
  • If you use a third-party commenting system, such as Disqus, your comments will not be retained when you enable Google+ Comments.
  • Since Google+ Comments is about sharing content and reaching more readers, this feature won’t work for private blogs.
  • Changing your blog's URL will cause existing Google+ Comments to disappear.
How to enable Google+ Comments
  • Click the Google+ tab on your blog and check the box to enable Google+ comments.
Advanced options
  • People with custom templates can add the Google+ Comments widget by adding the following code to their template:
<div class='cmt_iframe_holder'
I am recommending ' Blogger' for all of you. I am an ardent fan of Google since my first day on the internet. I explored the  online world; by heart the name ' Google'. Later I have found ' Blogger' [ free blogging tool from Google] for my bread and butter. I was nothing until receiving my first AdSense check. I still remember that day, with all excitement, I read the check title ' GOOGLE INC '.  

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