Hello World! Here is Emotion UI 1.5 [ Beta ]

How it is? Have you seen this Android home before?  Don't try to search on Google for this Android skin! This is Huawei Emotion UI - exclusively available only on Huawei mobile devices . Emotion UI is the most customizable Android home in the world. At present Emotion UI is available  on the Huawei Ascend P1 and Ascend P1s smart phones.  Huawei will  roll out Emotion UI on other compatible devices very soon. They just released first beta release for Emotion UI 1.5 on Jellybean for all Ascend P1 devices . Update is now available for all countries. 

What is the new features on Emotion UI 1.5

  • Jellybean 4.1.1 +  Emotion UI : Enjoy the Android Jellybean smartness on Emotion UI - improved notifications area and offline voice-to-text support features
  • Google Now on Emotion UI : Right information at just the right time with your emotion choices.
  • New Redesigned Music Player  UI : Enjoy the Music in all sense.
  • Better Camera:  Double-click on viewfinder to focus and capture any beautiful picture shot. Hardware”Volume up” key is supported to take pictures & video recording. You can also pause & continue re-shooting.
  • Expandable Notification bar
  • Better Contacts application
  • More themes + downloads from Emotion UI website
  • Integrated world clock, stop watch and timer with best visual effects
  • Lock screen customization
  • Easy access to settings controls
If you are an Ascend P1 user, you can update your device visiting the official Emotion UI website. For more information visit Emotion UI official blog.