How To Watch IPL On Mobile Phone [ Download nexGTv ]

Have you got an IPL  fever? Don't you want to miss any IPL Cricket actions? Are you feeling an urge to have a glimpse at the latest IPL score when you on the go? Remedy is here; DigiVive's  nexGTv mobile TV.

nexGTv is a mobile TV application, you can download it from app stores. It offers live Indian TV channels and video on demand content. nexGTv is free to download and you can watch more than 100 channels, complete replay section and Video-on-Demand for free – without any subscription charges. But you have pay for a pack of premium channels and it is very nominal and mostly affordable for you.

IPL on nexGTv

nexGTv is best choice for 'Indian Premier League' fans to enjoy IPL 2013 without missing any actions. You can watch complete live actions there [ of course, there will be a five minutes delay ]. Apart from the live videos, more exciting and  special entertaining  videos are available in different IPL categories. Most of them are  free and you can enjoy replays and highlights of the matches like watching on TV at your home. Difference is, on nexGTv, you can watch them from anywhere and anytime. Check out the nexGTv IPL categories:

IPL6 2013 Matches: You can see streaming of all matches of IPL 2013 season here. This section is not free. It is available with an exciting nexGTv subscription packages.  Charges vary as per your operator. [ As a BSNL customer , I have to pay Rs. 2O for 15 days to subscribe a premium channels pack. I can watch live ad-free video feeds of IPL matches along with other 12 premium channels.

HighlightsThis section consists of pre-match and post match interviews, highlights of two innings, replay of winning moments and best performances of the match. 

  •      Full match highlight clip
  •      First innings highlights clip
  •      Second innings highlights clip
  •      Best performance - 1st innings
  •      Best performance - 2nd innings
  •      Man of the match
  •      Pre match interview
  •      Post match interview
  •      Winning moments (last over)
Super 4's and 6'sAs the name hints you can replay independent sections of 4's and 6's 

  •      Fours - 1st innings
  •      Fours - 2nd innings
  •      Sixes - 1st innings
  •      Sixes - 2nd innings
  •      Fours - Full match
  •      Sixes - Full match
Howzzat?Enjoy the replay video clippings  of super fielding sections and  wickets

  •       Wickets package - 1st innings
  •      Wickets package - 2nd innings
  •      Wickets package - Full match
  •      Best catches/Fielding moments

IPLl masalaDon't forget these funny moments of the matches

RepeatComplete replay of previous matches  

nexGTv App Features
• Full Screen viewing
• Integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) of one week for all channels
• Channel reordering and deletion
• Interactive on-screen controls: This enables you to scroll through channels or adjust setting even while watching your show.
 Picture in picture mode
 Brightness & Volume control
 Adaptive bit rate streaming

[ nexGTv's  innovative feature of Adaptive-bit-rate streaming enables you to enjoy Live TV  on a 2G network. You can adjust the settings to watch videos on standard or Hi-quality modes depends on your data network  ]

Notes: The content/channel streaming will not work outside India. Data charges applicable as per your subscribed data plan with your operator.

Download nexGTv

Direct Lnks: Android/iOS/Blackberry/Nokia

SMS "MYTV" to 58888 or Click here for more options.

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