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Few days before, I got a call from one of my relatives. She asked me about online jobs and said  she bought a CD which trains people to make money online. I was also curious and invited her to my home to show the CD. She is aware of my online activities and my online earnings. However, she never asked me about it or shows any interest in making money online. She secretly purchased that CD from a vendor who advertises on newspapers everyday with a tag line – earn money at home.

 I was disappointed after seeing the contents on the CD. It was a video clip showing someone searching on Google to find out some data entry job sites. He showed how to sign in on those sites and talked like a spammer. Still I remember the face expression of my relative after seeing that CD. It was her fault – she could have asked me about it before purchasing that material. She had wasted her Rs 500 for buying that crap.

 I don’t know why people falling on the trap of scammers again and again. You can read the success stories of people who made huge income online in an overnight, only on ads. I would like to read the success stories of people who archived success in making money online. All of them miserably failed in their first attempts except some people. Making money online is possible. But it takes time and tests your patience. You can’t make any money online without work. That is a  truth fact!

 Nowadays, one of my favorite habits is reading E-mails of my readers. I am getting so many emails from Blogspot bloggers – they know I am using the same free blogging platform. They wanted to increase their online income. I have found many blogs of them publishing copied materials, mainly movie related posts with Google Ads. It is true that you can’t make much money by just adding Google AdSense on a low traffic blogs/websites. So I have decided to show them how to make money online using their skills. I have recently published an E-book which leads you to the latest make money online working at home opportunities in India. This book is written based on my six years make money online experience. It is now available for downloading. To defend copy-paste plagiarism, downloading the E-book is limited to right persons only. You have to submit a short online form to get the download link. Click here to download my E-Book.


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