Top Five Emerging Online Home Business Ideas in India

[Actually, my intention is to write an article advising some people who copying my contents everyday on their blogs. So, I titled this article as ' Top five blogs who copied my content'. I made a plan for them who can work with and earn some money in professional way. In my second thought, I have found the same will be applicable for everyone who have passion to make money online by working at home. You can read the re-edited post here]

I have  been seeing many blogs are copying my blog content through out my blogging journey . They thought, they can make money by just copying my articles. Here, my attempt is not stopping them from copying my materials but I would like to share them how my business model works.

Blogging is not my prime source of Revenue

I am blogging for humans not for machines. I am sharing info and tips for my customers who following me since years. I don't fully rely on Google or other search engines which help my readers to find my contents. I blog whenever I find an interesting subject for my followers . I used to share my articles via emails and social media updates.  My feedburner statics shows 93% of my blog feed readers are email subscribers.

As I told you, blogging is not my prime source of income. Blogging helps me to touch with my customers and collect new emails from visitors. Of course, I am earning money from Google AdSense, but that is not my prime income. I am mainly earning from training programs , consultancy services, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. People believes that they can make money by just publishing articles and wait for readers clicking ads. That is not really big profitable revenue model. Our blog is just like 'front office' for our business where we can receive and meet our clients. So that I launched 'Blogger training program for beginners'  to guide people to make money online by working home.

Customer's 'trust' is the backbone of any business. If you are copying materials, they will find it easily.  Once you lose your online reputation, it is very hard to do a successful online business. Do you want pennies or dollars?

It is time to stop wasting your time publishing copied blog content and focus on the new emerging 'home business ideas' in India. We have just witnessed the jumpstart of India's E-commerce 'boom' and mass internet revolution. Time and opportunities may not wait for you. This is your best chance to enter the real online business working at home .

  Top Five Emerging Online Home Business Ideas in India

1. Content writing, product reviews and affiliate marking
2.  Social media marketing and online store sales
3.  Mobile apps development
4.  E-learning recruiter
5. Web and Graphic designers

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