How to make a low cost website for your local business?

 Are you doing a personal local business or planning to start your own shop? I would like to share you a money saving tip!

It is a good idea to start a  website and Facebook page along with your business launch in the age of information technology. Do you know the young generation is googling for everything - even to find a best salon in his area for hair cutting and search Facebook friends' comments about the shop. I am not exaggerating; it happens. 

Social marketing for local business is not a new thing in major cities but that is not in the case of small town business owners. The main reasons behind this drawback are the high cost of designing and branding professional websites and lacking of online marketing awareness. The internet usage of small towns is on a par with the urban areas - thanks mobile internet. 

I have a suggestion for small business to solve this problem - create websites using Google's 'Blogger'.  Actually, Blogger is a blogging platform where we can update our daily musings. But if you could learn some basic of coding, you can easily transform the Blogger layout to a good looking website. 

You don't need to learn web designing for this purpose. You can update new offers and info for your customers on the website yourself. 

Don't worry about the '' url, you can change the blog address to . For this, you have to buy a domain name which cost less than Rs.1000. Check out the link below. .

[Demo website link. You can spice up the website according to your needs. You can add your photographs, logo, background image and more links ]

You can save at least  Rs.4000 and more by redesigning Blogger to a website . There are plenty of tutorials are available on the internet to practice blogger design tweaks. 

What you say about this idea? Connect me at or fill the contact form.


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