Top Ten Reasons You Are Not Making Money Online

Start small, but make a start is the mantra of any business. It it time to check the reasons you are not making money online yet.  

1. You do not believe in yourself

Yes, I admit too, in early days of my online business.   I tried my best to getting out of our debt and each small wins boosts confidence in me.

2. You are not following a system

You should follow good habits to keeping the momentum.

3. You don’t have patience and quitting too soon

4. You are waiting for quick result and feeling despair

I have done too, many times.  I wanted to win the race of life. I regained my energy level and moved on after learning lessons from my mistakes and re-launched my online business with proper plans and time management short-cuts.

5. You are not focusing but diverting your mind

Don’t swirl in information overloaded. You may be tempted from one to another.  Keep focus, and do one thing at a time.  

6. You are waiting for perfect days and keep things aside  

Procrastination is the evil of all.  Be healthy and keep your surroundings neat.  Keeping good mind set can overcome Procrastination.

7.  You don’t have much time (You think)

Avoid Tv and Facebook.

8. I’m not a technical guy

Yea, me too.

9. No Planning

“Dream, Dream Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts result in action.”

10. You Think You’re Working Hard. But You Aren’t.

Work smarter and execute the plans productive.

Today is the perfect day.  


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