If You Can Spare an Hour or Two a Day, Here’s How to Make Rs 8000 to 12000 Every Week

Few years before, my monthly income becomes zero.   At that time, my husband was struggling to make ends meet of each month. One day, I asked my husband to help me to find an online job for me.  It was the beginning. My aim was to earn some money at least to pay off our home rent.  My skills and knowledge on internet was very limited.  I used the most cheapest internet connection [ GPRS ] to achieve my dream  my necessity. There are so many reasons to fail, but the WIN was my ultimatum. 

I did it! We moved to a debt-free life. I achieved all or go beyond that, all my dreams come true. I have done all these without paying anything. No one was there, to tell me the real short-cuts to make money online in India. Google overloaded the information in my mind but I found the right path to success. I chose the practical mode and stopped the feeding information overloaded.  If you search “ How to make money online” on Google, your search never ends.  You can find many ways to make money online every day, but can’t get time to make money online. 

If you can spare an hour or two a day, you can make Rs 8000 to 12000 Every Week. 

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