If you have a local business , you can make a FREE website on .

It is a good idea to start a website and Facebook page along with your business launch in the age of information technology. Do you know the young generation is googling for everything - even to find a best salon in his area for hair cutting and search Facebook friends' comments about the shop. I am not exaggerating; it happens.

Social marketing for local business is not a new thing in major cities, but that is not in the case of small town business owners. The main reasons behind this drawback are the high cost of designing and branding professional websites and lack of online marketing awareness. The internet usage of small towns is on a par with the urban areas;  thanks mobile internet.

You know the importance of the online presence of any small/big companies/shops in this Google era. People searching for information and find websites to purchase. Still many of our home town small business owners not aware this internet phenomenon. 

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  Written by Sajithapramod. Homepreneur (Working at home and doing online business). Blogger at Founder and the author of  the best-selling e-book "Making Money Online. Let's Get Started."