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Welcome back to You may be asking "  "where have you been all these days"? Yes, here I am with my new project.

 I have been online since 2006.  Since then, a lot of people following my updates, mainly for my online money making ideas.  I could inspire many of them to work online. But it is not worked for some of them. There are many reasons behind it; laziness, technical hitch, lacking writing and marketing skills.

The biggest problem I faced in my early online journey was that lacking of an independent platform and a mentor.  No one was there, to tell me the real short-cuts to make money online in India.

I took the challenge and launched a new project that helps make money online everyone in India. If you are a student,  professional, housewife and whoever , you can start your online business today.  I wrote my E-book based on my nine years experience in making money online.  I have detailed my successful attempts to make money online in this E-book.  Check out some online business plans that really workout. You can download this book FREE - Download. Great days ahead!

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