An Easy Way to Make Money Online Using Facebook

I am not a Facebook addict, but I am using  Facebook mainly  for my online marketing purpose. But many of Facebook users still not aware that they can use Facebook wisely and make a decent income from posting on Facebook.  There are many ways to make money online using Facebook. Check out one example here.

 Create an eBook using Google docs

 Find a subject in which people have much interested and compelling to buy your ebook. Do some research on the internet  and write an article on Google doc. You can easily create an eBook in PDF format using Google doc.

Upload your ebook on and set a price for it. Share your eBook download link on Facebook. You will get money for every download. This is a simple way to make money on facebook without any investment. If you do Facebook advertisement, your post will reach to thousands of Facebook users.  I made a good income using this method.

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