Bangalore - The Blogging Capital of India

The latest Generation Web 2.0 trends survey conducted by Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)has revealed that 66 per cent of students in Bangalore are a part of blogging networking as against the national average of 39 per cent.While in Bangalore, students prefer blogging on studies and school, more students in Mumbai (60 pc) and Ahmedabad (57 pc) read about film and celebrity blogs than in any other city, the survey revealed. The survey also confirmed that the urban school children of the country are digital natives and highly technology savvy.

Highlights of TCS Generation Web 2.0 trends survey
63% of urban students spend over an hour online daily
93% are aware of social networking
Orkut and Facebook are most popular online destinations
46% use online sources to access news; TV, Newspaper users at 25%
62% have a personal computer at home
1 in 4 students own lap-tops in metros; 2 of 3 own music players
IT and engineering remain overwhelming popular career choices
Media & Entertainment, Travel and Tourism are emerging careers
USA, UK top list of international destinations for higher studies

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