Download Zoozoo Greetings MMS or Video Ringtones

Zoozoos are back with a bang! They are not only coming on your TV screen, but even your mobile screen too.
I think, Zoozoo ads are the most played video on mobile phones in this year. Zoozoo fans are collecting all vodafone zoozoo ads whenever a new ad appears on Television. Add to more fun,You can send 'Zoozoo MMS greetings' to your friends or use as your video ringtone. You can use the following Zoozoo videos on special occasions such as your friend's birthday. To download Zoozoo greetings, log on to from your phone and it will be charged 10p / 10KB.

Crying Zoozoo

Laughing Zoozoo

Loving Zoozoo

Dancing Zoozoo

Angry Zoozoo

Zoozoo saying goodbye

Happy Birthday

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