Tata DOCOMO comic viewer application - DOCOMICS

If you are a regular reader of this blog,you may remember my earlier post 'Get Comics on Your Mobile Phone'. It was about India's first-ever mobile comics portal announced by Airtel which offer international comic characters- Akbar, Birbal, Popeye as well as comics supplied by Amar Chitra Katha on your GPRS-enabled mobile phone.
Now,Tata DOCOMO has launched a comic viewer application - DOCOMICS - which will bring alive Super Heroes like Spider-Man, X-Men in your mobile phone and keep you entertained with Popular Japanese Manga titles like GEOBREEDERS, TAMAHAGANE, AQUA PLANET CHRONICLE. Users will be charged for Rs 15 per chapter but there is no data charges for usage. If you want to get DOCOMICS on your Tata DOCOMO Phone, go to Dive-In portal and click on DOCOMICS. Browse and purchase the content of your choice and download the application. Enjoy the world of Comics on your mobile device and avoid boredom when traveling.

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